Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sight Words-Dolch Primer

Throughout the year we work on sight words and I have found the best system that works for me .  This packet was created just for that purpose.  I evaluate my students at the beginning of the year and decide which level they are at.  We of course begin with the Pre-Primer word list and then move onto Primer if my kinders are ready for it.  Of course each child is at a different place or pace.  This packet allows me to differentiate to my little learners.

                            *** Free sample-stay tuned****

Before school begins in the summer, I would print out on cardstock these sets of letters and laminate.  Quick simple and ready to go with a metal ring.  These are used to evaluate my kiddos. 

Next, I use this sheet to mark off what words they know.  If you have an eager parent volunteer or a teacher assistant then this is a great task to give them to help you out. 

After everything is complete, I decide if I can group my students together based on their performances and then assign them their packets.  Parents get a letter sent home telling them what is expected by the end of two weeks (great topic to discuss at open house).  Then we get out packets and the children are assessed on the words.

Since teacher appreciation week is coming so soon.  I thought I would share the first portion of the packet.  Try it out .  If you like it then head on over and pick up my Pre-Primer set and the Primer Set.  First grade, Second Grade ,etc.  coming soon.  Just a little appreciation for my followers and great teachers out there. 

      Click on here for your freebie.
Click on this picture to head on over to my store and pick up the whole pack.
I would love to hear some feedback . 

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lowercase Letter b,d,p,and q masks

Working with my sweet little kinders this year has been a real treat for me.  One of the areas we are struggling with is lowercase letter b, p, d, and q.  None of this is unusual for this age.  So, my little sweeties gave me an idea as we were looking at the differences between b and d.  We held up our fingers in the shape of letter b and d .

Next, I used that Ellison machine and punched out some letter l and o and we made a visual of our letter b,d,p,and q. 

One of my kinders said "they look like masks "  Well I said alright let's create some masks
 So here is what we did. 

Freebie for you coming:  Stay tuned.  :) 

I created and printed out this paper with the lowercase letters of b and d.  All you will need is this print out and some popsicle sticks.  For my students, to save a little time and help, they cut around the letters and then gave me the center to cut out the inside.

Next, we took popsicle sticks and placed a piece of  tape between the two letters and created our glasses. 

We turned them one way to see the letter b and d.  Then we flipped them over and made a p and q.  They were a hit. 


Grab your freebie here:  (Click on picture below)

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Egg-cellent Number stories
Spring has sprung inside and outside of the classroom.  We just had a great egg hunt on the last day before Spring Break.  Well we have a TON of eggs left over so I snagged a few and figured out a way to use them to work on our NUMBER STORIES .  My littlest is working on this skill here at home so I figured I would make it fun.
                                            ****  Keep reading FREEBIE coming*****
Here is what we did. 

I took 10 eggs.  Split them apart and numbered them 1-10  . 

I set them on the table like this....

We pulled one of the cards out and read the simple number story.  (FREEBIE ALERT)  We read the number story and grabbed the large part of the egg for the first number we read in the story and then continued to read and grabbed the smallest number and put the egg together.

                                      **Click on Easter Chick task cards
                                           for your freebie**
                                           This freebie covers Common Core
                                           and Virginia SOL 1.6

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Currently with Farley
      Hey everyone!  Linking up this month with Farley.  If you haven't linked up to her Currently head on over to do so.  A lot of fun and this month it is all about Spring.  I LOVE SPRING!!!  One step closer to Summer! 

Listening:  My pipe decided to leak in my wall so my family room floor and wall has been destroyed and a dehumidifier is running so there will be no MOLD.  AHHHH! And Easter dinner is at my house this year!  Oh well! 
Loving:  One more day until Spring Break!  CAN NOT WAIT!!!!
Thinking:  It has been a tough couple of months.  Two friends have been diagnosed with Cancer .  Praying for them.  Cancer Sucks! 
Wanting:  Sleeping in , going outside on warm days, and just relaxing are my plans. 
Needing:  My floor fixed and furniture back in its place. 
EGGS-plain your name:  My grandma called me Julie  Bug or Buggy and it is the reason my blog and store are named that.  She was not here when I became a teacher so I figured my name would have been changed to The Teaching Bug.   I miss her. 
Head on back this month and I will be posting a Spring freebie to celebrate Spring. 
Happy Easter! 
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snow Time

Today I am linking up with Mrs. Stanford over at her blog for Hump Day Highlight.  Every time I hear Hump Day it reminds me of that commercial on T.V. right now by Geico.


                                               ANYWAY!!!  :) 
Over the past two weeks we have been in school for a total of 2 days!!!  Can you believe it???? We have had some SERIOUS snow!  I like seeing the snow and watching it fall.  There is something peaceful about it....but this girl is not a snow loving I need to get out in it kind of girl.  :)  I am a sit by the pool with the warm sun on my face and swim to my hearts content. 
  With all of this time off , I have had some time to finish up a two packets I have been working on.  I love to incorporate across the curriculum activities whenever I can into my lessons.  These packets fit that criteria.  A little reading ...a little math. 
  We needed some practice in telling time to the hour and half hour.  These little stories are written for learners to read and then sequence the times according to the story.  They also have to identify the correct clock based on the wording in the story. Best part is No Prep for you just Print and Go.  Students will read, cut out the clocks and glue them in the correct sequence. 

Here is what we did.  My littlest learner read the story with me. 

Next , we cut out the clocks.

telling time passages Teachers pay teachers

And finally we looked at the clocks to identify the correct time and then went back to the story to sequence the times. 

Here are the packets if you want to head over and pick them up.  The first 2 people who make a comment on my blog along with their email address will receive the packet "Reading around the clock-hour/half hour"  from me as a thank you for following my blog.
Have a great Hump Day!  
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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's Day Keepsake Freebie

It is no secret I love Valentine's Day. O.k. I have heard all of the people saying it is a dumb holiday but I love a day devoted to telling someone you love them. We can always use an "I love you!" If you head over to this blog post you can see some of the crafts we have done in the past for Valentine's Day and they turned out really cute. Click on the pictures to head over to those blog posts...But head on back there is a freebie at the end of this post.
I wanted to create something a little different with my kiddos this year. We send home these adorable Valentine Cards but usually they end up being thrown away. I was going to have my kiddos if they wanted to create a little keepsake book of their Valentine's to take home. This little freebie was created. Each page has a theme they can sort their cards by:
 1. Cards with super heroes
 2. Cards with pets
 3. Cards with farm animals
 4. Cards from T.V.
5. Cards from Movies
 6. Cards with monsters or aliens
 7. Cards with cars on them
 My plan: Have my kids collect their Valentine's and then have a station set up for them to choose their pages and make their book. Or if you want a more guided plan have all the pages run off for each child and give them the booklet to create. This would be fun to do at a Valentine's treat day or party. Head on over to pick up this little freebie. Enjoy! Leave me some feedback ....I would appreciate the LOVE. :)
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Currently with Farley!

I want to thank everyone for entering my little giveaway celebrating 400 followers over at my TpT store.  I am very excited for that milestone.  Here is hoping to get to 500 and do something BIG!!!  Thanks everyone.  I appreciate every one of you!  :) 

I am linking up with Farley this month so check out what is going on with me. Head on over to her blog to link up.
The Super Bowl is on and I made some of my favorite black bean , avocado, corn, red onion, olive oil, lime juice, and cilantro stuff I call it.  Yum Yum!  Get the recipe over at Skinny Taste.  If you haven't checked out her website head on over...we use her recipes A LOT!!! 
I love Valentine's Day.  Everyone who knows me well says every time they see a heart it reminds them of me.  I collect them.  My yard will be decorated with wooden conversation hearts in the flower bed.  Yes, I am that lady.  :) 
I want a new car.  Not brand new just  something different.  I really want something bigger just not sure it is going to happen. 
I am not a fan of winter...never have been.  I love to be outside and swimming in a pool.  Summer is so relaxing and being cold all the time is not my favorite way to be. 
Pageant title I had a little trouble with.  I have been told I am too nice....well I can be mean but I guess I struggle with the balance.  I would rather show kindness.   We need more of it.   ;) 
On a separate note. .. you can stop reading here if you want...not meant to toot my own horn..Just sharing a freebie and a mention of a sale.   

This week I have been using my packet with my kindergarten intervention group and it has been a hit with them.  I am working with some little learners who are struggling with letter recognition and I was determined to find some creative ways to add to our lessons.  So this little idea popped into my head. 

My little learners identify the letter we are working on within the pages by highlighting or circling the letters.  Then we read a short story with the letters we are working on so they can identify them within the  text.  Finally, they will identify pictures with the same beginning sound of the letter we are working on. 

Here is a little sample page from my packet.  Click on the picture and pick one up as a freebie to try out.

 If you like what you saw and found it useful-click on the picture below to pick it up in my store.  My whole store is having a Super Bowl Sale -20% off Feb. 1st -2nd.
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