There is something about February when I start to want to see bright colors and something different for my centers. This is where the packet comes in.  Anyway, who doesn't love donuts?   I know I do.  I was looking for something to perk up our reading centers and this little pack did the trick.  We are working on vowel teams and blends and this center was a great reinforcement while we are learning.  The best part is one-time print and preparation and we're ready to go.  So grab one of your parent volunteers and hand this over to them to cut out and you have a yearlong center. 
Here's what you'll find in the packet.
Each vowel team or blend has its own box ready for your students to fill up with yummy donuts.

Each of the sets has picture cards for students to sort out which one goes in each box.  

And finally, there is a recording sheet for students to write out the words.  These are optional but it gave my students great practice on spelling words.  
If you like it you can grab it here.

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