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Sorry for the delay in posting.  First of all I want to welcome new followers and assure you I am not usually this behind on posting.  Life has been CRAZZZZZY!!!! 
 First of all I have to admit I am not the most crafty person.  These ideas would not come to me so I usually have to rely on other crafty people to make them and then follow the directions.  HA HA!  So, today I wanted to share a little craft I recently did for a economics/ bartering project we had to create for school.  The project required us to make something in order for us to barter.  Well as I started looking around Pinterest.  Don't you just LOVE that site!  I do!   I stumbled upon this craft and the project was born.  I found the detailed instructions over to Parents Magazine  who originally shared it from Family Fun magazine.  Another favorite magazine of mine.  Go check it out if you would like to make some of your own for that rainy/snowy day craft .  I can guarantee the kiddos will love it!  
Here is how ours turned out! 

First we started purchasing some flat washers at your favorite local hardware store.  You can choose any size and they were only between 15-20 cent a piece.   Not too bad!

Next we purchased some favorite colors of nail polish ....we chose fun colors but chose the white to be our base color.  After applying several coats of the white nail polish it seemed to help cover the metal of the washer and let it dry between coats.  Then the fun decorating began. 
And this is how they turned out!  We had so much fun coming up with ideas and ways to decorate them. We purchased some suede string to add to the necklaces.   We put a clear coat of nail polish over the top to make it shine.  
And after looking on Pinterest further I found another idea to make these necklaces.  You could also use scrapbook paper and Modge Podge your paper down on both sides and cut out the circles.  That may be my next attempt at this project but this time make me something pretty!  :)  If you follow me Teaching Bug over at Pinterest you can check out my Project Ideas board or my Holiday crafts board to see some cute ideas I have pinned.  You will find the Modge Podge necklaces pinned to my Project Ideas board.  Go check it out!    Let me know if you try it!  Stay tuned I have two Valentine's posts coming about a couple different crafts we are going to do. 

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