"Sh" sound for Mrs. Wishy Washy

One of my very favorite books to share with my little readers is Mrs. Wishy Washy. I think it is a great book to use for the "sh" sound with my kindergartners. We got a little creative this time with our "sh" lesson. Here is what we did. We spent a lot of time reading the story and watching how Mrs. Wishy Washy tried to keep the animals away from the mud. After working with the "sh" sound we added a little treat to the end of our lesson.

Here we used some dollar store lights to build some "sh" words and show the students that even though there might be 4 letters in the words we will only hear 3 sounds. If you notice I use the star and two circles...I do this because some of my little learners struggle with where to begin their words. They forget or do not know which is their left or right so I use the star as an indicator to help them remember how we start a word. Next, we took a little scavenger hunt around the room looking for the "sh" sound and blending it to make words with our cute little cupcakes...stay tuned for a freebie. :) We were told that Mrs. Wishy Washy left us a treat for helping her find the animals and trying to keep them clean. These were not real cupcakes of course but ones where we needed to build "sh" words. The kids had a blast wondering around the room looking for words. Once they found their words they brought them back to the table and began building their 'sh' words .
Click picture above for your freebie.

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