Summer Boredom-Boredom Buster Box

How many times have you heard over the summer mom "I'm bored!"  ?   On occasion, we all hear it a lot more than we like to admit.  This summer, I'm going to try something different. I'm going to create what I call a boredom buster box.  I made a trip to the dollar store yesterday and found some great items that I'm going to sneak away into my box so that when the kids tell me "their bored "....I'll have something to pull out of this box.

Some of the things I'm including are science activities, playing cards, a new game for them to learn, and some coloring activities.  If we finish the box, then I will add more items to the box from the local dollar store and that way I don't break the bank.   Let's hope that we don't go through the box to quickly ha ha.
I found a great pin yesterday on Pinterest that shows 40 different games that you can play with the deck of cards. That is why I added it to our boredom buster box. I plan on printing out the list and letting the kids choose a game that they would like to play using the deck of cards included.  Found this over at Delia Creates.  Click on the picture below to go check it out.  Great ideas!

  To make the box I found an old box laying around the house and covered it with a plastic tablecloth that way it would not get wet or messed up during our summer play.  Next, I found these cute little starburst papers that I covered the box with sayings just to make the box look fun.
It was a simple thing to throw together and  next time I will ask the kids to fill it and give them so much money to spend on our box and let them choose items .  This time I wanted it to be a surprise.
Here is hoping that we have a I'm bored free summer. What do you do to fight boredom in the summer? I would love to hear your ideas.

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