Egg-cellent Number stories
Spring has sprung inside and outside of the classroom.  We just had a great egg hunt on the last day before Spring Break.  Well we have a TON of eggs left over so I snagged a few and figured out a way to use them to work on our NUMBER STORIES .  My littlest is working on this skill here at home so I figured I would make it fun.
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Here is what we did. 

I took 10 eggs.  Split them apart and numbered them 1-10  . 

I set them on the table like this....

We pulled one of the cards out and read the simple number story.  (FREEBIE ALERT)  We read the number story and grabbed the large part of the egg for the first number we read in the story and then continued to read and grabbed the smallest number and put the egg together.

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                                           and Virginia SOL 1.6

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