Sunday, August 7, 2016

Emoji Back to School Classroom Editable Wishlist

I can not believe I am typing these words already....where does the summer go?????  I have a few more weeks of free time but I am spending it making some things for the classroom. 

Emoji's are so cute and my kiddos love them.  Why not get there attention by adding Emoji's to your classroom wishlist.  Best of all I can edit them to change them from year to year and so can you.

I am simply printing them out on cardstock and I thought I could do them a couple of ways.  First, I can take them and place them on a poster.

Or if I see they won't fit into some other décor ideas they can be added to a pencil and placed in a container for parents to grab the pencil by my sign up sheets.

Head on over to grab your own set.

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