Birthday Decor for your classroom
Quick post today for you all about birthdays.  I try to make a child in my room feel special when they celebrate a birthday in my room.  Typically, the birthday boy or girl gets to go to my treat box or wear a special ribbon for the day.  I try to change it up. 
  I found some ideas on Pinterest that I absolutely love to display birthdays in my classroom.  Stay tuned...a freebie for you.  :) 
  Here are some ideas that I have found.
I love these displays but I needed to adapt mine for a smaller space. 
 Here is what I plan. 
I made these cupcakes that I plan on printing out on cardstock and of course knew I would say that.  ;)  Each one has the month of the year on them and then I am going to add some candles with the kids names on them for a small wall in my classroom.  
When I get them done I will add a pic to this blog so you can see it.  Stay tuned!!!!
Here comes the freebie for you.  Click on the cupcakes and head on over to get yours.  ;)

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