Counting Money with Ipads

Grab those coins and get ready to count some money.  This unit is great for math centers at the beginning of the year or at the end to use as review.  Printed on cardstock and laminated for use over and over again from year to year. 
Money Recognition can be a tough skill for a lot of students.  My hope is that with a little more hands on practice they can easily understand how it works.   

Here is what you will find:
  • 20 Ipads that have students circle the correct coins to make the change listed

  • 20 Ipads that have a toy with a price tag and then students decide how much change they should get back after giving the cashier the money. 

  • Recording sheets that allow my students to record what they have done and see which groups of children I might need to pull to the back table for extra practice.  

Each card is numbered so that students can easily record their answers without any confusion.  A completely independent activity and also a great one to leave for a substitute.  

We love using these in our classroom and small group Daily 3 math time.  I hope you find them useful in your classroom.  You can get them here.  

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