Dr. Seuss Craft!!!

My oh so cute little nephew came home with this ADORABLE Dr. Seuss craft he made at preschool and I immediately decided that this has to be added to my crafts for Dr. Seuss....that is if you can paint all of those feet!  HA HA!  But ever so cute for preschool, home, or wherever! 
    This is all they did.  The painted each of the kiddos feet and had them press it down on a large sheet of white paper.  Next , they gave them a hat shape cut out of construction paper and had the kids color red stripes on the hat in between the lines that were drawn.  Now for the older kids you could have them cut out a bow shape but in this case they had the kids glue down a bow and cute wiggly eyes.  The teachers added a nose, mouth, and whiskers.  This was a young age group but with older kids they could do most of this on their own.  I had to share this because it was so cute. 

Here is a little freebie to help you with the craft! 

 Have a great week! 

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