Happy Earth Day!

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I just never know when inspiration is going to hit me.  Well it did the other day and I thought I would pass along a freebie for Earth Day.  Sorry I didn't get this up sooner but I have been working on a term paper for my Daily 5 course I am wrapping up.  :)  So check this out and place it in your files for next year or even do it later this week.  It is never too late to celebrate good ole Mother Earth.  Right????  So here is what we did.  By the way you can get this freebie from my Teaching Bug's store on Teachers Pay Teachers . 

The first thing I did was share the story "The Lorax" with the kids.  I love that story and the theme. 

Earth Day, craft Next, I printed out the two handouts and gave them to the students.  Students were also given construction paper pieces in the color of red, green, and blue.  You could have these pieces torn ahead of time or have the students practice their tearing skills.  Have them fill in the red heart first.  It was important for them to do that step first.  After they fill in the red heart have the alternate the blue and green pieces to symbolize water and land. 
After they complete the gluing have them write how they can love the Earth.  Provide examples of ways they could love the Earth-especially for the younger ones. 
Earth Day, craft

And finally have it glued onto construction paper and staple the two pieces together for a great Earth Day display. 
Earth Day, craft, bulletin board

Happy Earth Day! 

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