Teacher Appreciation

Next week is Teacher Appreciation week at our school!  I don't know about you but I always get asked what would you as a teacher like to receive.  Well I thought I would add a list of suggestions or gifts I have received that I love to give to my kiddos teachers and receive myself ! 

1.  Gift cards- Starbucks, Grocery Store, Teacher store (any of those and not huge amounts! )

2.  Supplies for the classroom- this time of year we run out of pencils, markers, highlighters, you name it! 

3.  Movie gift basket-  I love giving these out!  A simple 5 dollar gift card, candy, soda, and a popcorn bucket is a cute container to hold all of the goodies. 

4.  Books for the classroom-  Share your favorite book with you teacher.  We are always looking for great stories that might have a theme that go along with a skill we are teaching. 

5.  Letters-  Letters from my students and yes I still have letters from my students the first year I taught.  One family sent a glowing letter about me to the principal and shared the letter with me and I thought it was SOOOO sweet.  Everyone , even teachers, love to hear they are doing a good job. 

6.  Flowers-  Something free and simple to give your teacher.  Having flowers on my desk is just a nice reminder of how much I am loved by my students. 

Have a good week! 

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