Fourth of July -FREEBIE!

I hope you all are having a great Fourth of July!  I have an evening of dinner and fireworks ahead of me and my family.  I wanted to thank you all for following by sharing a freebie for all of my great  followers.       Here is a little project we used in my classroom this year that was a hit with the kids and a really cute display on my bulletin board.  I re-created it here at home and since I didn't have one large sheet of construction paper I just used two pieces glued together and folded it in half. 

Next I took the two papers of character traits and book review and glued them on the inside . 

Then the fun began by reading a book and then have your students fill in things about one character of the book , share their character traits, and then give a summary of the book.  Students then draw a picture of their favorite part of the book and then share a favorite character. 

Once the inside of the book review is complete students can decorate the outer cover of the book using one of the characters they wrote about inside the book review.  Go and pick up your on the picture to get. 
If you would like to see an adorable one using the gingerbread girl or gingerbread boy check out my gingerbread unit for sale in my store. 

Have a safe and happy Fourth!  


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  1. Hi Julie!
    I've been reading your posts and decided that you need to be nominated y for a Liebster Award. If you've already been nominated, you get it again! To check it out, visit for rules and how to do it!


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