July's Currently with Farley!

I have linked up a couple times with Farley and I love this linky.  It is so much fun to see what others are doing and up to especially in the summer.  I have had a couple linkies of my own and they have not been so successful so I am hoping some of you have some tips and tricks for me in that department.  So here is what I am up to this month and thinking about and doing.  ;) 

My husband loves to watch Rocky and Rambo movies.  He will watch the movies anytime they come on and guess who usually has to sit through them.  Me!  :) 
I love sleeping in and turning off that alarm clock.  I do not miss that sound of that alarm clock and knowing that it is set to go off so EARLY in the morning.  Can you tell I am not a morning person. 
I really want a vacation but not sure it is in the budget this summer.  I need some suggestions for a fun short and budget friendly vacation. 
Do you ever look at your clothes and say I am thankful I have clothes don't get me wrong but wish I could receive in the mail a 1,000 dollar gift card to go buy a set of all new summer clothes...Dreaming right? 
So that leads me to the next one is the need to buy all those clothes is money. Right?  
I am no expert on blogging...I am still learning something new each and every day.  I read Farley's tip on blogging and she said you should get in front of the camera sometimes.  I do not like my picture taken.  I am absolutely the most critical person of myself over photos...  I have yet to share one with my readers but I am sharing one today that I kind of like.   So this is who is behind The Teaching Bug.  LOL

Happy Fourth!   Have a safe one! 


  1. I am right there with you! I am wishing for that 1,000 in the mail so I can buy some CUTE summer clothes and suits, but until then I guess my t-shirts will have to do. :(

    ps.. I LOVE your polka dots!

  2. Hey Julie! I feel the same way about the linkies! LOL. The most linky people I have ever had is 4! I'm working on that this summer. I do a Thursday technology linky every week. I think like anything, you have to give it time and just keep putting yourself out there. Some weeks I have had no one link up! But I keep on posting! Next time you host one let me know and I will definitely link up with you!

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