June's Chalk Talk

As my year wrapped up it always ends so bittersweet.  It is hard to say goodbye to everyone you have worked with over the school year but at the same time you are so ready for a break.  I have to say I am not afraid to say goodbye to this.....  I hate getting up early and not really a morning person.  I have always thought it would be great to have school start a little later in the day.  :) 

So I thought a fun way to do our Chalk Talk this month is to share a fun activity or project you did with your students at the end of the year or share a favorite memory from the past school year.  So as a freebie I am sharing what I did with my students to help remember the fun times we had this past school year. 
Each student received a page and they were asked to draw a picture of their favorite thing that happened in our classroom this year.  Then  they were asked to draw a self portrait of themselves in the small framed box and write a sentence or two telling us what they thought was the best part of the year.  After everyone is finished I take their pages and laminate them and make it into a book to share with my new class at the start of the next school year.
  Check out the freebie:  Click on the picture for a freebie. 

So here is June's Chalk Talk.  I am looking forward to hearing how all of you great teachers wrap up your school year.  Feel free to share your blog post with us about your end of year or a product you used in your classroom to end the school year. 
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  1. I love this linky! But usually it asks me for a thumbnail picture and it didn't this time. And I have no idea at all how to do a linky myself- so maybe that has nothing to do with anything.

    The Meek Moose
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  2. Great Linky! I found you through Heather (love her blog!).

    Inside this Book


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