August Currently!

I can not believe that August is already here.  I have so much to do and so little time to do it.  How about you????? 
 Anyway I thought I would share with you the latest from Farley over at her blog Oh Boy 4th Grade.  I love linking up and for the first time ever....LOL .... I remembered to do it on the first of the month.  There is hope !  : )  So many exciting things happening this month for me and one of them is celebrating this blog's one year anniversary.  I want to do something fun and exciting so if you have any ideas please send them my way.  I am always open to suggestions.  I had to share with you this funny picture that I found on Pinterest and I think it truly applies to me when I see a back to school ad that always tends to creep up on you in July. 

Anyway here are my thoughts for this month! 
My Back to School must haves are pretty important.  :)  I don't know about your kids but mine go through the glue sticks...we never seem to have enough throughout the year.  I love to start the year organized and ready to go.  Ideas for where papers and things will be placed always starts my year off right.  Laminating.....My name is Julie and I am addicted to laminating.  :)  I love to use my hubby gave me one as a present several years ago and I have to say it is my favorite gift....I know I need help.  ;) 
I wanted to share with you a great product that is added to my list for back to school.  It is from another Julie and I think it will be great for center work or small group work with my kindergartners. 
And if you are looking for a fun activity to start the year off check out my latest packet for a year long writing activity with your students to use in those last few minutes of the day. 
See you soon! 


  1. I LOVE thunderstorms in summer time!!! They are the best! Good luck as you get ready for back to school!

    Flying High in First Grade

  2. I also love to listen to thunder, although my little cats do not! I agree about the glue sticks...what do kids do with them? They do the same thing with their pencils! Oh well....

    Have a great year!

  3. Hi Julie! I am so with you on the laminating! I bought myself a laminator last summer and I think it was one of the most beneficial purchases I've ever made! =)

    The Resource Room Teacher


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