Martin Luther King Freebie

We have been bitten by the bug....the stomach bug...that is. Not one of my favorite bugs to deal with that is for sure. So this post will be short. I did find a little time to create a little freebie for you on Martin Luther King Jr. He is one of the famous Americans we talk about in kindergarten and second grade where I teach. This little freebie is really meant for second graders to add to their social studies interactive notebooks. They fill in facts about Martin Luther King Jr. that you would talk about in class or after sharing books about him. Here is a little freebie for all of my great followers. Just click on the picture below and grab your freebie.
One of my favorites to share with my kindergartners is "The Crayon Box that Talked." For them understanding treating everyone the same comes really clear to them through that story. There are a lot of great activities to do with that book. What books do you share about Martin Luther King in your own classroom for any grade level? Hope you are staying well.

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