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O.k. we were hit with a snow storm this week where some parts of my area were hit with over 10 inches of snow. We don't know how to handle that much snow around here. It shuts the place down. :) So much so that we had 3 days of school cancelled because of it. It is amazing because one day last week we had temperatures in the 60's. Crazy weather for sure . Anyway I am linking up with Farley this month for her ever popular Currently. I love it . It is fun to read what everyone else is doing . So here is what is going on in my part of the blogging world. :)
So for the first surprise where there is ice there is snow.  That is what I have been hearing a lot of lately...last week and now this one. 
I love spontaneous breaks from school...I know ...I know...terrible teacher.  But I love little breaks in the winter and especially surprise ones because the winter seems to take the fun out of everything...can you tell not my favorite season.   :) 
O.k. I want to make something fun and tasty for Super Bowl.  Any recipes or suggestions I would love to hear them.  Thanks.
I want an exercise bike.  I do not have time to drive to the gym and I would love to swim all year my dream house would be an indoor pool that I could enjoy year around.  Anyone have money they want to lend me. 
A vacation to somewhere warm where I can swim and feel the sun.  I do not like hot , hot weather but I do enjoy warm days. 
O.k. for the truth and fibs. 
The first one is true.  I do have naturally curly hair that has had a mind of its own since I was thirteen...was it always 
My second truth is that I almost made it to Hawaii.  LONG story but my hubby and I were headed there for our 10 year anniversary until we ended up in an emergency room in Texas.  I hope to try and make it back again sometime. 
Well the fib as you can tell from my post...not a big fan of the snow.  It is beautiful and lovely to see once in a while but if I lived in a climate where it snowed all the time....I just wouldn't live in a snowy area.
Well a fun way to share a little about me.  Leave me some comments I love to hear from you. 


  1. The weather is sure being strange this year! I don't like working out alone at the gym so I take a kickboxing and Piloxing class at a local fitness center. It is so much fun!

    Hope you make it to Hawaii, soon!!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  2. Our family has a "rib" tradition on Super Bowl!! It's kind of funny because there is not ONE football fan in the house, but we always make BBQ ribs and watch our first football game of the year!! I can relate to your snow day happiness...we've had 7 days off due to weather here in Michigan!! We don't have to make up any so far!! I hope you get that vacation...Hawaii is awesome!!
    Kathy O

  3. You're so lucky not to have to make up all your days! My sister got the curly hair and always wished for straight--I, of course, was the exact opposite! :)



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