Cupcakes anyone?

Who doesn't love cupcakes?????  I know I sure do.  We have been working on a little book report project and I had to share what we did.  I don't know if you have seen these books but they are a favorite .  They are called the Cupcake Diaries. 
Our assignment was to complete a book report on a book and then create a Valentine's box based on the book.  Well this teacher didn't want to use a box  so we made a giant cupcake.  :) The creative juices starting going.  Look out we are going to do something different.  :) 
 I made a trip to my favorite store...the Dollar Store and found this great silver bowl that looked like a giant cupcake wrapper and placed a little bit larger silver mixing bowl on top. People probably thought what in the world I was doing finding the right bowl combination.  :) 
So this is how we made it.   We used strips of newspaper and a mixture of glue and water to cover the silver mixing bowl.  We let it dry over night and then added our final touches by adding paint and paint sprinkles of course...what cupcake would be complete without it. 
The book report we wrote
consisted of a summary, questions you would ask the characters, making a text connection (self, word, text).  And finally an opinion of the book.  We attached it to the top of the cherry with a little booklet.  Best of all our Valentine goodies will fit right in the bowl below.   

Let me know what you think?  Let's hope the idea of not using a box is alright.    ;) 

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