Build a Sandwich

Who doesn't love sandwiches????  I am SUPER excited about this yummy activity. Recently, I have started working with a group of kinders who need some help with letter recognition. Well the creative juices started flowing and along with some great clip art by Krista Walden, Laura from Whimsy Clips, and Lidia Barbosa this little project was
born. I created two packets one for CVC words and another for letter recognition. I couldn't resist working on both of these for the various groups I work with.

  First, I printed off the sandwich pieces on cardstock, laminated, and began cutting out the pieces. I only cut out the dotted lines on the pieces of the sandwiches with the beginning letter sounds. 
After everything was cut out, then I began laying out these sandwiches and creating fun new CVC words. 

Once all the sandwiches were created , my little learners will create their sandwiches and then record the words they make on their sheets. 

For my Alphabet pack and CVC pack there are white and wheat sandwiches with all of the fun fixings. 

And this is how they look with their sandwich toppers.  Cute right???

If you like what you see you can click on these pictures and head on over and pick them up.  You can purchase individual packs or a bundle of the two packs.

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