Valentine's Day Keepsake Freebie

It is no secret I love Valentine's Day. O.k. I have heard all of the people saying it is a dumb holiday but I love a day devoted to telling someone you love them. We can always use an "I love you!" If you head over to this blog post you can see some of the crafts we have done in the past for Valentine's Day and they turned out really cute. Click on the pictures to head over to those blog posts...But head on back there is a freebie at the end of this post.
I wanted to create something a little different with my kiddos this year. We send home these adorable Valentine Cards but usually they end up being thrown away. I was going to have my kiddos if they wanted to create a little keepsake book of their Valentine's to take home. This little freebie was created. Each page has a theme they can sort their cards by:
 1. Cards with super heroes
 2. Cards with pets
 3. Cards with farm animals
 4. Cards from T.V.
5. Cards from Movies
 6. Cards with monsters or aliens
 7. Cards with cars on them
 My plan: Have my kids collect their Valentine's and then have a station set up for them to choose their pages and make their book. Or if you want a more guided plan have all the pages run off for each child and give them the booklet to create. This would be fun to do at a Valentine's treat day or party. Head on over to pick up this little freebie. Enjoy! Leave me some feedback ....I would appreciate the LOVE. :)


  1. Thank you for this cute idea! You are sweet to share!

  2. What a cute project!! Thanks for sharing :)


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