Valentine's Day Craft

I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!  That is the truth!   I love seeing the little cards the kids pass out and just the whole sentiment of showing love to one another!  But I do not like giving my kids a paper lunch bag so that everything falls out of it.  So I stumbled across this craft and it is a hit! And the best part is that everything is easy for them to carry (pencils, stickers, or treat bags).

  The first craft is found at Spoonful.  I love their crafts because they are so kid friendly.  After a request for a few supplies from parents we got the gift bags at the Dollar Store for 2 for 1.00, pink and red construction paper, and a pack of card stock we were all set.  I printed the provided template out on cardstock for durability.  The kiddos were each given a bag and asked to decorate it the ay they wanted to.  Then they needed to cut out their heart shapes, eyes, hands, and feet.

Then came the construction paper where they folded it accordian style.  They received pink and red.  They could choose what color to make the arms and legs or mix them up. 

After all of the glueing and the fun this is how they turned out!   It worked out great!  And each child used their own style with their bags.  We lined them up on the back counter with their names on them to easily place Valentine's in them. 

Check back with me tomorrow to see another craft the kids made to give to their special Valentine.  A sneak peek is on the picture above.  Happy Valentine's Day!  

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