Tattling, Tattling, Tattling!!!!!

Working with little kindergartners is a joy!  Although one little challenge I face as a teacher is how to handle the tattling.  I would have sweet little children coming up to me all day telling me things about other friends in their class that just weren't the most important thing to talk about.  So I came up with an idea and let me tell you it helped out tremendously.  Now promise you won't laugh but the kids thought it was great  FANTASTIC!

 So, I gathered the class together and we shared a few stories and talked about what were important things to  tell the teacher and the things that were not so important to tell the teacher immediately.

Then I introduced a new member of our classroom.  A giant ear!!!!!  I know it sounds crazy but it worked.  I told the kids that anytime they had something that was not an emergency or something that could wait they could tell the ear.  I took large posterboard and enlarged a ear image and traced it onto the posterboard.  Once it was colored and cut out it was run through my favorite thing ....the laminator.  :)  Viola!!!  A new approach to handling tattling in my classroom.  This is a smaller version to show you here on my blog. 


Hope you enjoy a Tattle Free Zone!  :) 

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  1. Tattling has been a huge issue in my classroom this year... I love the idea of the large ear! Thanks for sharing!

    I Heart Kindergarten


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