Valentine's Day craft part 2!!!!

So part two of our craft for Valentine's Day was a chance for the kids to make something special for someone special.  After a quick trip to Michaels craft store and picking up 24 unfinished wooden hearts for $.29 a piece and a box of 50 bar pins the prep work began for me.
A trip outside with a can of red spray paint each one of the hearts got two coats of paint.  Drying in between of course.  Excuse the old rag...ha ha! 
Next after they dried I brought them in and hot glued the bar pins on the back. 

The rest was left up to the kids.  They took simple school glue (don't worry it dries clear) and were given several gems left over from our snowflakes and they each glued them onto their heart in any design they chose.  On the back I wrote their name and the year.  This is how they turned out!  Super cute and a quick gift to make for someone special. 
I hope you find these crafts helpful in your classroom.  We had a lot of FUN making these.  Happy Valentine's Day!
Julie  <3

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