President's Day Celebration-Abraham Lincoln

Happy President's Day everyone!  I hope you are enjoying some time off.  I know I am sure am!  Of course as a teacher we assign projects well we also get them sometimes.  :)  So I wanted to share a super cute one we discovered and did last year to celebrate Abraham Lincoln.  And of course what is a project without a freebie.   This is what we did!

First we gathered two pieces of black poster board, scissors, and glue.  Next we headed over to Danielle's Place for detailed instructions.  Click on the link to see step by step directions.   She also has some SUPER cute crafts for other Abraham Lincoln projects.

Once we glued and put together the hat we took it a step further.  The project had to include several facts about the President.  So we gathered some fun facts and pictures to add to our hat to use as our presentation.   Here is how it turned out! 

So to celebrate President's Day I created a FREEBIE over at my store that you can go check out for your classroom.  You could even use the facts in this packet to place on your own hat.  Wear the hat for the kids in your class or create it as a class project.  It was fun to do! 

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  1. Just found your blog through TpT! :) What an adorable idea for President's Day! Thanks for sharing! I'm a new follower. :) So excited!

    Second Grade Sparkle


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