Halloween Pumpkin Math rounding to the nearest 10

Freebie Found below...stay tuned! :)

We are using our pumpkins to have a little fun rounding numbers to the nearest 10.  Stay tuned a little freebie coming at the end. 

We have been working on learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10 .  I wanted to make it a little fun and go along with the season.  We talked about what we do to round numbers to the nearest 10.  We sang a little rhyme.  4,3,2,1 roll the pumpkin down.  5,6,7,8,9 roll the pumpkin up.  Of course we discussed that rolling the pumpkin down or up meant to the number below or above. 

So here is what we did to have a little pumpkin fun.  I printed out a number line and placed it on a table (or you could put it on the floor).  I found a little pumpkin that I picked up at Target dollar spot...don't you love that place...and we used it as our little manipulative to show those students who need a little hands out activity to help with their understanding.   Don't have time to make a trip to Target just grab some orange play
dough and roll away.     

We rolled the dice and looked at the number.  Next, we located it on the number line.  We placed the pumpkin on the number line and then sang our little rhyme.  Then, we rolled the pumpkin up the line to the next number or down to the number below.  The kids enjoyed rolling the pumpkins.  We did this several times and then....

Here comes the FREEBIE.  Everything you need is in there.  Here you go:  Enjoy ! 


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