Teaching Kindergartners to create Sentences

In the past, teaching my kindergartners to write sentences was challenging.   You have little ones who can not quite read yet.  Often I heard I don't know what to write about or we would provide them a picture and some of them could write a sentence and others could not.  So this activity came to mind and it worked.   We used this over and over again before we turned them loose on their own sentence writing. 

First,  I modeled the activity and walked the students through each part step by step.  At this age that is critical to success.  I laminated all the pieces, just my preference, and then once it was modeled I had the students work with the one sentence collection with partners.  Each page has a different picture on it so the kids can see what their sentence is about.  It also helps them think about some other sentences they can add  to it later.  Each group was required to get their sentences put together correctly and then have me and my assistant to go around and check.  Then the children were given the recording sheet to write out the sentence they made.  The next day we used the same sentence sheets but they were switched among the groups so the kids did not receive the same one and asked the do the activity again. 
   For the first week or so, depending on my group, I had the first set of one sentence sheets placed in my writing center.  After they seemed to get it and we worked on additional sentence making activities I introduced the next set of two sentences and then finally the set of three sentences. 

The recording sheets that are included in the pack were turned in at the end of the center activity time and it let me assess to see who was struggling with forming sentences. 

After the kids worked for a while on these.  I also required them to come up with a sentence on their own and record it on the recording sheets as they progressively got better. 

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