Cupcakes make learning Punctuation more fun!!

On these gray, cloudy days of winter I like to add some bright colorful things to my centers or small group activities.  Since Valentine's Day is coming up I thought what looks bright and cheery and screams Valentine's Day.  Cupcakes!!!  Some of my little friends are struggling with remembering what type of punctuation belongs at the end of the sentence.  We are starting simple.  Questions marks and periods. 

I printed out these cupcakes on cardstock and then laminated them.
Next, I cut out the top of the cupcakes from the bottom.  During one of our guided reading lessons, we had a lesson on some of those key words that help us know whether the sentence is a question or period prior to this activity.  Then we went to work to put it into practice. I pulled these bright ,colorful cupcakes and we practiced hearing and seeing what type of sentences we would use a period or question mark.

A copy is available for you right here:  Click on the picture and head on over to get it.

This was a definitely a little cheer brought to a dreary winter day. 

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