Candy shop fun with Magic E

Oh that sneaky E, silent E, or magic E whatever you want to call it can cause some little learners some problems now and then when they are learning this new rule.  My firsties that I am working with in small group are working on this magic e skill and it inspired me to create some fun, bright, and colorful activities to use during small group with the theme of a candy shop and magic e. 

The first activity is a hands on activity where my firsties are taking candy pieces that start off with simple CVC words and then add the magic E to the end and read the new word they build.   I printed them on cardstock and cut the end off for the Magic E to build the word puzzles. 
The second part was a really big hit with the students.  They ask for this game constantly.  Each card is placed
on the table face up.  Prior to working with the students I hide two pieces of pretend candy under two of the cards.  The students read the CVC word and the Magic E word and if they read it correctly they can pick up the card to see if the candy is hidden underneath.  They can not pick up the card unless the word is read correctly.  If they find a piece of the candy then they are done playing until the final piece of candy is found and the game is over.  The firsties loved it.
The last part is based on the game Connect 4.  Two players are given a game board and then a set of colored chips with Magic E words on them.  On their turn students read the words and then place it on the board starting at the bottom and working their way up .  The first player to get four in a row going across, diagonal, or vertical wins.

Like what you see?  You can pick it up here.

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