St. Patrick's Day Alphabet

There are a couple of my kindergartners who I work with one on one who are still struggling with the letter recognition.  We are continuing to work slowly on several sets of letters in isolation.  This game was created for one of our tutoring sessions together. 

First , I decided to make the game a little more fun and add a St. Patrick's Day theme to the game.  I printed out the cards on cardstock and laminated them.

Next, I decided to choose which group of letters my learners needed to work on first.

I placed the cards face down on the  table and then they would pick a card (they love doing that) and identify the letter and then circle it on their sheet.  All of this is just one more way to practice our letter recognition. 

To change up the game print out several copies of the letter cards and have the students pick one card and then just circle one or two letters at a time on their sheet. 

Want to get yours for free????  Head on over and pick it up.  Click on any picture to get your own copy. 

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