Picture for a moment a classroom quietly working and it is time to move onto the next task.  Usually a teacher's voice commands the next step and the students then decide it is time to talk and get rowdy.  What if you had a way to quietly transition to the next activity?  I think I might have found one and a new job for my job chart and the signs were super cute.  Read on....

  As I was making my weekly trips to Wal-Mart I stumbled upon a great find.  They had a bin of clearance items tucked away and I noticed there was some teaching items in the bin.  As I am digging through the bin looking like a crazed sale searching teacher I found two items that I could not resist.  They were a pack of two signs for $0.50!!!!!!   Who could pass this up?  Here is what I was thinking.  I know as teachers we always get tired of saying the same thing OVER and OVER again.  I figured we could save our teaching voice and give a child the job of being sign holder.  When the teacher is ready to have the class line up or if she is working with a reading group she could quietly ask the sign holder to go and display the sign to the class that he or she needed at the time.  Therefore the teacher is saving her voice and students will automatically look to see what sign is being shown...instant attention...well that is the hope anyway.  :)  Let me know if you find this great tool at your Wal-Mart and share with me how you would use it in your classroom.  Happy Friday everyone. 

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