In honor of Eric Carle's birthday, I wanted to share with you a Hungry Caterpillar game. I took green, red, and yellow construction paper and cut out the shape of the caterpillar. On one side you will see simply the numbers 1-6 and when you turn it over you see several numbers that are the sums of two dice. Here are the materials you will need. Materials: Caterpillar Several pieces of fruit and leaves cut out of construction paper numbered 2 dice and butterfly erasers.

Side 1 directions:  For number recognition
  Students roll one dice and take the fruit and match the corresponding number to the game board.  The person who rolls a six earns a leaf and collect one butterfly eraser.  The person who earns 5 butterfly erasers wins the game. 

Side 2 directions:  Adding
  Students on this side roll two dice and add the numbers together and use the butterflies cut out of construction paper to cover up the board.  Butterfly erasers on this side can be used as counters to help with addition.  Students who cover all the numbers on the board first wins. 

Notes:  Laminating pieces increases durability.  :)  Really simple to make and the kids enjoy it!

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