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As I was reading through one of my favorite magazines, Family Fun, there was an article this month on a free app (additional images and other options can be purchased)  that you could download to your Ipad to allow children to write stories and have their books published. The app is called Scribble Press.  It is an interactive app where your child/students can create stories and add pictures to make their stories come to life.

 Well I thought how could I use this in my classroom? 
First of all, I did a little research and discovered this turtorial video on how to use the app. If you have about 8 minutes to spare then watch the video and learn how to use this cool app.

Next,  I thought about how I could use it in my own classroom.  One of my favorite books to use for poetry is Chicken Soup with Rice by Maurice Sendak.

So my thought for using this great app was to engage my students into a writing exercise month by month and record classroom events.  The great thing about the Scribble Press App is that after you create a book then you can send your book off to be printed.  An instant classroom book for your personal library and a great book to share with your new class year to year. 
Of course this year is out because it has already started but it is on my plan for next school year! I so wish I had discovered this at the beginning of the year!   In the mean time I plan on playing around with the app and getting to know it better.  Anyone ever used this app and how did you implement it into your classroom?  I would love to know! 
Happy Teaching,

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