Halloween craft with Spookley the Square Pumpkin

 I don't know about you but October seems to be the busiest month for me.  Sorry about the delay in posting this week!  It was one of those weeks when anything that had to be done needed to be done this week!!!!  After a busy week I did manage to squeeze in one craft with my kiddos to do for the pumpkin season.  At my school there is a very strict policy on Halloween.  We can do pumpkins and simple crafts like that but we stay away from ghosts and other things.  So with that in mind I went towards the educational approach and shared with my students the story The legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin.  I am sure you have all read it and shared it ...if not it is a CUTE story about a square pumpkin who feels different from the other round pumpkins and is picked on about it.  It is a good story to talk about differences and how to accept them not pick on people because of them.  

So for our craft the children could choose between making a square pumpkin or a round pumpkin.  Each child was given a piece of black construction paper with a drawing of a square pumpkin or round pumpkin drawn with a white crayon.  Super quick-super easy.  Next I had them tear colorful pieces of construction paper into little squares.  Again if you don't have time for them to do that you can do this ahead of time.  I figured a little tearing never hurt anyone so they helped me out!  :)  After they glued all of the pieces down and keeping in the lines they were given triangle eyes, noses, and a choice of a smile or a round circle mouth.  I have two samples of how they turned out.  I love how against the black paper the pumpkins really stand out with all of the colors.  Great decor for the classroom and the kids had a blast doing it! 

On Friday the kiddos are participating in another pumpkin activity and of course I will blog about it for you.  Stay tuned! 


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