If you can't be deep be funny Linky!

Things to remember!

Learning 4 Keeps is having a great linky party where you share some funny quotes that you might see floating around Pinterest or Facebook.  Go check out her blog to see what some other bloggers have added to their posts.    I had to share a few of them that I have found funny and great for a laugh especially for the beginning of the school year.  Who doesn't like to laugh right?  Here a few of my favorites. 
Who hasn't done this?  :)

P.J. day is always a fun day!

I can cook but do hate to clean but would rather shop!!!

Happy Teaching,

Learning 4 Keeps

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  1. LOL!! These are great! I can so relate to the pajama day! ;) Thanks for linking up! I love your adorable blog!
    Leah @ Learning 4 Keeps
    Learning 4 Keeps


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