States of Matter and a Sale!

Solids, Liquids, and Gases Oh my!!!!!   At some point this year we will be talking about the 3 states of matter.  I always strive to make the lesson interesting and help the kiddos understand the changing states and exactly what matter is.  Well a light bulb went off in my head and I thought about how I could relate a well known story to a science topic.  Well the story The 3 little pigs came to mind and the ideas just came.  So I just created a unit and hope you will come check it out at my store.  I am also having a 10% off sale this weekend only from 9/21-9/23 there too!  And since it is Friday and I am glad it is I figured I would do a little thank you for following my blog.  :)  I am offering my newest unit to the first person who leaves me a comment !  Make sure you provide your email and you will get it for FREE. And if you are visiting for the first time I hope you will follow.  I plan on doing a giveaway when I reach 50 followers.   Happy Friday everyone! 
3 little pigs picture The Teaching Bug-Teachers Pay Teachers


  1. Would love a copy!

  2. Congrats Rachel! I will be sending you a copy this afternoon.


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