Back to School and a Freebie-Week 3

Back again for a little sight word freebie and back to school celebration.  I wanted to share one of the ways we review sight words at home.  This is a quick and easy review to do right before bedtime. 

First, we lay out all of the words we are working on.  I don't typically give more than 10 at a time to learn.  I turn all the cards over and my kiddo is ready to play. 

Second, the cards are flipped over and if my kiddo reads it right then it goes in their pile....if not the card is mine...ha ha ha (evil laughter)  just kidding.  :)  Of course that adds a little competition to it so they can beat mom. 

Finally the cards are tallied up and sometimes I even throw in a few that we have already mastered just to make sure they are still on the mastered list. 

And now for the freebie.....a little more apple fun with Pre-Primer sight words.  Enjoy.  Head on back next Sunday for the final back to school freebie. 

Have a great week.

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