Back to School and a Freebie

Saying farewell to summer is always hard for me. The carefree days are slowly pushed aside with schedules, time constraints, and a new start. Don't get me wrong I love what I do...I just cherish those carefree days. I wanted to celebrate a few things as we all headed back to school.
Over the summer I reached a milestone in my TpT store and I thought my great blog readers deserved something free. To celebrate back to school I decided to share some freebies with all of you every Sunday throughout September. So come back every Sunday this month and pick up a freebie. All this month I am going to give you a little sight word freebie. At the end of this collection of freebies one lucky reader will win something new I am working on. I know you will like it. Here is a question for you: Did you know that sight words make up 50-70% of the words found in a text? I truly believe that a student with strong sight word recognition will become a successful fluent reader. Now, that is not the only component of reading. Many other skills are equally as important. Click on the picture below and grab your freebie. And a continued thanks for following me. ;) See ya next Sunday.

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