I wanted to share a behavior management tool I used for my students in my kindergarten classroom. My artistic sister drew this large Rainbow Fish for me and I cut out silvery scales out of some sparkly paper in the shape of the scales she drew. Every piece was laminated for durability. I placed small pieces of Velcro to the pieces and everytime the kids returned from gym, art, music, or any class like that and received a good report from that teacher they earned a scale. Once they earned five scales they got a reward like a trip to my treat box, extra time outside, a fun Friday treat, etc. They loved earning their scales.
Wondering what a teacher does in her summer off?  Well they catch up on reading.  Here is some of the books that I will try to fit into my summer vacation.  :)  Share some of the books you will be reading.  I would love to see what others have found to be effective in their classrooms. 

As I am learning how to blog, add gadgets, grab buttons, etc.  just all of the terminology is overwhelming in itself. I am trying to learn how to do all of this blogging stuff so if any of you have any suggestions or tips I will gladly take them.  As you can see I just added a button down at the bottom of the blog.  YEAH!  I might be getting the hang of this stuff. 
 Anyway as the school year is drawing to a close.  Thank goodness!  I am working on some new projects for my TpT store and hopefully going to spend a lot of time in the pool.  What are your plans????  Until next time. 
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