O.k. , O.k, I have been just soaking up some summer fun and with all of this fun this poor blog has been neglected.  Well I left pool side and created a little project I plan on using these pencils with my small groups or in my centers for just one more learning tool for sight word recognition.

First, I printed them all out on cardstock and laminated each of them.

Next, I decided these could be used two different ways.  One way is to place them at a table inside a container and students could pull a pencil and write the words they solve right on the pencils with a dry erase marker or an alternative is record their answers on a separate sheet of paper.

The other way they could be used is punch the holes out and place them on a ring or use a brad and take them to use in small groups.  I have also found them a great tool to take with me here at home for "entertainment" at a restaurant while waiting for our meal.  Hey , I will grab any time to fit in some learning. :) 


Click picture to  see preview!
For being a reader on my blog let's do a summer giveaway:  I will send two of my Pre-Primer sight word pencils to two readers who share /pin/blog/Facebook and leave as many links inside their comments.  So easy to share on Pinterest just choose a picture right here on my blog and you can pin it that way.  The more you share the better :)   I hope you will share.  Grab this packet on sale for  TpT's Huge back to school sale. 


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