Back again for a little sight word freebie and back to school celebration.  I wanted to share one of the ways we review sight words at home.  This is a quick and easy review to do right before bedtime. 

First, we lay out all of the words we are working on.  I don't typically give more than 10 at a time to learn.  I turn all the cards over and my kiddo is ready to play. 

Second, the cards are flipped over and if my kiddo reads it right then it goes in their pile....if not the card is mine...ha ha ha (evil laughter)  just kidding.  :)  Of course that adds a little competition to it so they can beat mom. 

Finally the cards are tallied up and sometimes I even throw in a few that we have already mastered just to make sure they are still on the mastered list. 

And now for the freebie.....a little more apple fun with Pre-Primer sight words.  Enjoy.  Head on back next Sunday for the final back to school freebie. 

Have a great week.

I have to admit it.   I love interactive notebooks.  Many years ago when I moved from third grade down to kindergarten I had my little kinders make and use interactive notebooks.  Other teachers thought I was crazy because at the time they didn't think I could keep them all straight and organized for my littlest learners.  Well I was out to prove them wrong and I did.  :)  Well I hope I did.  :)
  So when I received a newsletter for my own littlest learner classroom saying they were going to be working on word families...a light bulb went off.  I created these word family packets and thought how could I resize them to fit into a composition notebook.  Some printers allow you to shrink them down to 85% but my printer did not.

So here is what I did .  I opened up the PDF file and pressed file and print. 

 Click on Page Setup.  The next option is to choose the size of the paper.  I chose Executive and it worked perfectly for what I had planned. 

It turned out to be a great way for my kiddo to keep all the paperwork together and get a little practice with me at home. 

If you like what you see you can pick up these packets in my store. 


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Alright week 2 of our Back to School celebration! How is everyone doing? Just a little tired....I am by the end of the day. September is spent getting routines down and classroom policies in place . Once that is all done and learned then we can get started on the real heart of the curriculum. Last week, I shared with you a little sight word freebie and this week I am going to piggy back
on that and share the next part of my sight word piece by adding a little reading and highlighting to our sight word recognition. This freebie (click on freebie picture above)is allowing the students to read the sentences and color the apple where the word is found in the sentence. If you are looking for more sight word activities head on over to my Pinterest board (click on picture of my board above )and you will find all kinds of activities using sight words and all the other little goodies I have found for teaching.
Have a great week!
Saying farewell to summer is always hard for me. The carefree days are slowly pushed aside with schedules, time constraints, and a new start. Don't get me wrong I love what I do...I just cherish those carefree days. I wanted to celebrate a few things as we all headed back to school.
Over the summer I reached a milestone in my TpT store and I thought my great blog readers deserved something free. To celebrate back to school I decided to share some freebies with all of you every Sunday throughout September. So come back every Sunday this month and pick up a freebie. All this month I am going to give you a little sight word freebie. At the end of this collection of freebies one lucky reader will win something new I am working on. I know you will like it. Here is a question for you: Did you know that sight words make up 50-70% of the words found in a text? I truly believe that a student with strong sight word recognition will become a successful fluent reader. Now, that is not the only component of reading. Many other skills are equally as important. Click on the picture below and grab your freebie. And a continued thanks for following me. ;) See ya next Sunday.
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