Lowercase Letter b,d,p,and q masks

Working with my sweet little kinders this year has been a real treat for me.  One of the areas we are struggling with is lowercase letter b, p, d, and q.  None of this is unusual for this age.  So, my little sweeties gave me an idea as we were looking at the differences between b and d.  We held up our fingers in the shape of letter b and d .

Next, I used that Ellison machine and punched out some letter l and o and we made a visual of our letter b,d,p,and q. 

One of my kinders said "they look like masks "  Well I said alright let's create some masks
 So here is what we did. 

Freebie for you coming:  Stay tuned.  :) 

I created and printed out this paper with the lowercase letters of b and d.  All you will need is this print out and some popsicle sticks.  For my students, to save a little time and help, they cut around the letters and then gave me the center to cut out the inside.

Next, we took popsicle sticks and placed a piece of  tape between the two letters and created our glasses. 

We turned them one way to see the letter b and d.  Then we flipped them over and made a p and q.  They were a hit. 


Grab your freebie here:  (Click on picture below)


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