Oh my goodness!!! Every educator is faced with this same question year after year.  How much is too much when it comes to homework??????   First of all,

I am a parent and an educator.  Sometimes finding the balance between the two can be a challenge.  Why you might ask????   Well,  I see both sides of the argument.  On the parent side I come home after a long day and the last thing I want to do is have a ton of homework to do with my kiddos.  I want to see them, talk to them, have a conversation other than "Do your homework!!!."  We have all been there when this voice comes out of our mouth that sounds like our mother and you realize you are becoming her.   Yep...that is me sometimes.  Sometimes I give her a nickname like "Mad School Momma!  Grab this freebie here:


On the other side I realize the increasingly instructional demands put on our teachers in the classroom today.  I understand it and I know we all feel each other's pain .  Well as you can see above and you can see I am changing up my approach to homework.  I decided to add two different approaches for myself one I can do weekly or one I can do nightly.  Depending on the week and how much we cover I can use either one.  Best of  all you can grab it for FREE!!!   

Here is what I will do:
1.  Reading /Writing -include any new terms we are working on in reading for them to review with their parents nightly... very quick and simple .or if we are beginning a writing unit let them know what we are writing about-personal narrative, etc.

2.  Math-this section I would include 3 -5 problems  that I want them to do based on the skill we are working on that week.  Again quick and simple. 

3.  Social Studies:  List any terms we are learning and their definitions.  Or pose a couple of questions based on the material we are learning.  Simple 5 minute review. 

4. Science:  Any terminology we are working on or pose an easy multiple choice question to review what the days lesson was on. 

5.  Blank box on the side will be used for their spelling words where the children could write them if you are doing Words your Way and their lists are different. 

***Run these front to back to save paper (Monday-Thursday in my room) or go even further and send them via email each night as homework so parents can pull it up and have their students homework handy.  ****

The goal is easy quick homework that does not require stress for you or your students.   A FINAL TIP:   Use this as part of your morning work for your students who are older.  Have them fill it in for morning work.  

Talk to me:  How do you keep your homework simple? 

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