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I wanted to share with all of my readers a little tip that I have found so helpful for me when my students are absent from school.  I've helped a friend this past summer set up her classroom and she wanted something different to help with her students who would be absent. She is returning to the classroom after several years and I shared these absentee folders with her. She said "Great, can you make me some?"  Of course, I obliged and the best part I'm sharing a free cover with you. Stay tuned...below.  :)  

 You know the drill at the end of the day one of your students has been absent or has been absent for a week and you get a call from the office asking if you have any make up work for that student to complete at home.  Well as a matter of fact I do...but wait it's piled somewhere on my desk.  And you know how your desk can look at the end of the day.  So, I've come up with this idea.   It's so easy to prep ahead of time before the first day.  We love easy to prep right??? My hope is that you'll find it helpful too.  I know what you are thinking ...What if I don't have desks in my room....no problem find a wall and attach them with velcro under your whiteboard or on the back of the door.  And best part is if you don't want to make one for each student in your class....make 5 of them and just write their name on the folder and erase as you go.  I made a couple of spare folders you know for those folders who just don't make it through the year.  :) 

So here's how it's done.  First, you take a sticky note and place it on the center of the desk.  After applying the sticky note grab some packing tape and lay two pieces over the sticky note to protect it from falling off.  

Second, grab a round circle (or any shape) of velcro and attach it to the center of the sticky note that has been taped.  
absent folders classroom organization

Next, head to the Dollar Store and grab packages of 9x12 brown folders with clasps . Don't you love the Dollar Store?   Grab enough for your classroom and a few to spare.

Then, print out this freebie :)  and add them glued to the center of the folder.  After gluing them in place go on down to your laminating machine and laminate them for durability. You can click on the picture to grab your own cover.  Right here...
classroom organization-student absence

 After laminating take an Exacto knife and run along the opening of the file folder to open the folder.  

During the first day of school we talk about classroom expectations and organization.  All of that fun stuff just to get our school year started off right.  We talk about how we use these folders and then I show them how they work. I take out my sample folder and show them where they are placed on their desks and then explain what we do if a student is absent.  So for example if  I passed out papers then their paper will end up in their folder.  The responsibility is shared with my students.  Best feeling ever is when a parent shows up or the office calls looking for the student's work all I have to do is hand them the folder and say there you go.  I love the surprised look on their face when they see the quick response.  And I love having one less thing on my desk.  ;)  

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