Hello!  It's that busy time of year we all love as teachers.  Everyone is ready to run out the door including yourself to get all the holiday errands and shopping done.  I know...I know.  It's hard to keep the little ones motivated in these last few days of school.  Especially my little kindergartners who could not wait to see what presents they would get or what trip they would take.  This time of year it's hard to teach any new concepts and it's a great time to review some concepts that some of them may be struggling with.  
   I have some ideas to share to help you get through the holidays.  Here's one that I have always used to keep my students motivated during center time.  These alphabet puzzles were always a hit with my preschoolers when I worked with that age group and my kindergartners.   I keep them on hand when I need to keep my students motivated through the holidays.  You can grab them here for free.

One other activity that I have also used to reinforce the alphabet is this one.  
We can never get enough practice identifying the lowercase letters b and d.  And I'll let you in on a little secret.  This free pack has silly glasses the kids can make to help them remember the difference.  Color them red and green to make them go along with the holiday or add some fun holiday stickers.  They are learning and having fun. Instructions are included.  Grab this freebie here.  

If your spend a little time grabbing this freebie....don't forget to check out this game that goes along with it.  And guess what?  It's free too.  :)  

Before I go...I wanted to share with you two other activities that I've just recently added that would make great morning work, center activity, items for the substitute folder, or just something to add for students to do right before or after a holiday activity.  Just a warning...these are not free but very affordable.  :) You can grab it here and here.   

Have a wonderful holiday.  

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