Today I am linking up with Mrs. Stanford over at her blog for Hump Day Highlight.  Every time I hear Hump Day it reminds me of that commercial on T.V. right now by Geico.


                                               ANYWAY!!!  :) 
Over the past two weeks we have been in school for a total of 2 days!!!  Can you believe it???? We have had some SERIOUS snow!  I like seeing the snow and watching it fall.  There is something peaceful about it....but this girl is not a snow loving I need to get out in it kind of girl.  :)  I am a sit by the pool with the warm sun on my face and swim to my hearts content. 
  With all of this time off , I have had some time to finish up a two packets I have been working on.  I love to incorporate across the curriculum activities whenever I can into my lessons.  These packets fit that criteria.  A little reading ...a little math. 
  We needed some practice in telling time to the hour and half hour.  These little stories are written for learners to read and then sequence the times according to the story.  They also have to identify the correct clock based on the wording in the story. Best part is No Prep for you just Print and Go.  Students will read, cut out the clocks and glue them in the correct sequence. 

Here is what we did.  My littlest learner read the story with me. 

Next , we cut out the clocks.

telling time passages Teachers pay teachers

And finally we looked at the clocks to identify the correct time and then went back to the story to sequence the times. 

Here are the packets if you want to head over and pick them up.  The first 2 people who make a comment on my blog along with their email address will receive the packet "Reading around the clock-hour/half hour"  from me as a thank you for following my blog.
Have a great Hump Day!  
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