We are continuing our study of lowercase p,d,q,and b.  After making our fun little masks here is something else I created to do with my little kinders this week.  If you want to pick up the lowercase masks head on over here.

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I created these little dice for the kids to roll.  Very quick and easy to make .  Grab some cardstock and print.  Cut out and tape together. 

Next, we took our game boards that were printed out and laminated for longer lasting  .  My kinders took their favorite little fuzzies and used them as game markers and began making their way around the game board. 
lowercase letter p

After they played a couple rounds, I passed out this little handout and the dice rolling continued.  My kinders took their dice and colored the gumballs based on their dice  roll.  They were able to color inside the gumball machine or the kids blowing bubbles. 

lowercase b ,d, p, and q

We had a blast!  The kids had a great time rolling the dice and learning the recognize their lowercase letters . 

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I hope you enjoy it! 
Throughout the year we work on sight words and I have found the best system that works for me .  This packet was created just for that purpose.  I evaluate my students at the beginning of the year and decide which level they are at.  We of course begin with the Pre-Primer word list and then move onto Primer if my kinders are ready for it.  Of course each child is at a different place or pace.  This packet allows me to differentiate to my little learners.

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Before school begins in the summer, I would print out on cardstock these sets of letters and laminate.  Quick simple and ready to go with a metal ring.  These are used to evaluate my kiddos. 

Next, I use this sheet to mark off what words they know.  If you have an eager parent volunteer or a teacher assistant then this is a great task to give them to help you out. 

After everything is complete, I decide if I can group my students together based on their performances and then assign them their packets.  Parents get a letter sent home telling them what is expected by the end of two weeks (great topic to discuss at open house).  Then we get out packets and the children are assessed on the words.

Since teacher appreciation week is coming so soon.  I thought I would share the first portion of the packet.  Try it out .  If you like it then head on over and pick up my Pre-Primer set and the Primer Set.  First grade, Second Grade ,etc.  coming soon.  Just a little appreciation for my followers and great teachers out there. 

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I would love to hear some feedback . 

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