I don't know about you but we've all seen those little QR codes that some T.V. commercials have floating across the screen.  This inspired me to add this to my classroom.  I wanted my students to scan a QR code to discover different clues around our classroom.   I wanted to share with you a fun and interactive way to review some math and geography skills and encourage your students to write a detailed and imaginative story once the hunt is complete.  Let's get started:

Print out these sheets (this is just a sample of some of the cards you need to print out) on cardstock and laminated them to use year after year.  Timesaver right??? There are also optional task cards if you prefer to set this up in a center for partners to do after completing the scavenger hunt. One more way to use the activity.  

You'll decide whether you want to set up one scavenger hunt or two, three, or four. Set up at the desk or table with a copy of the globe pieces, the black and white copy of the snow globe, and the color copy of the snow globe (optional for reference). See pic above.  

 Each hunt has a different themed snow globe and students work in groups and go to different parts of the room at different times.  You'll only need one tablet per group and allow students to take turns scanning the code.  There are 10 different cards per hunt.  Each child will get a turn.  Students have an answer sheet to record their answers. Each clue card tells them which part of the snow globe they will build back the designated desks or tables where the black and white copy of the globe is located.  
Once the hunt is over and students have answered and found all the clues then they will return to their seats and write a story about the snow globe they built together. One group will write about the gingerbread snow globe, or the snowman snow globe, etc.  

If there is time for you to add to the activity students can color a black-and-white copy of the snow globe to go along with their story.  

Pack up all the pieces and clue cards and set it aside to use year after year.  Only thing you would have to print out is the writing sheets and the answer sheets.  

If you like what you see you can grab it here: 


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