Working with little kindergartners is a joy!  Although one little challenge I face as a teacher is how to handle the tattling.  I would have sweet little children coming up to me all day telling me things about other friends in their class that just weren't the most important thing to talk about.  So I came up with an idea and let me tell you it helped out tremendously.  Now promise you won't laugh but the kids thought it was great  FANTASTIC!

 So, I gathered the class together and we shared a few stories and talked about what were important things to  tell the teacher and the things that were not so important to tell the teacher immediately.

Then I introduced a new member of our classroom.  A giant ear!!!!!  I know it sounds crazy but it worked.  I told the kids that anytime they had something that was not an emergency or something that could wait they could tell the ear.  I took large posterboard and enlarged a ear image and traced it onto the posterboard.  Once it was colored and cut out it was run through my favorite thing ....the laminator.  :)  Viola!!!  A new approach to handling tattling in my classroom.  This is a smaller version to show you here on my blog.

Hope you enjoy a Tattle Free Zone!  :) 
Happy President's Day everyone!  I hope you are enjoying some time off.  I know I am sure am!  Of course as a teacher we assign projects well we also get them sometimes.  :)  So I wanted to share a super cute one we discovered and did last year to celebrate Abraham Lincoln.  And of course what is a project without a freebie.   This is what we did!

First we gathered two pieces of black poster board, scissors, and glue.  Next we headed over to Danielle's Place for detailed instructions.  Click on the link to see step by step directions.   She also has some SUPER cute crafts for other Abraham Lincoln projects.

Once we glued and put together the hat we took it a step further.  The project had to include several facts about the President.  So we gathered some fun facts and pictures to add to our hat to use as our presentation.   Here is how it turned out! 

So to celebrate President's Day I created a FREEBIE over at my store that you can go check out for your classroom.  You could even use the facts in this packet to place on your own hat.  Wear the hat for the kids in your class or create it as a class project.  It was fun to do! 
So part two of our craft for Valentine's Day was a chance for the kids to make something special for someone special.  After a quick trip to Michaels craft store and picking up 24 unfinished wooden hearts for $.29 a piece and a box of 50 bar pins the prep work began for me.
A trip outside with a can of red spray paint each one of the hearts got two coats of paint.  Drying in between of course.  Excuse the old rag...ha ha! 
Next after they dried I brought them in and hot glued the bar pins on the back. 

The rest was left up to the kids.  They took simple school glue (don't worry it dries clear) and were given several gems left over from our snowflakes and they each glued them onto their heart in any design they chose.  On the back I wrote their name and the year.  This is how they turned out!  Super cute and a quick gift to make for someone special. 
I hope you find these crafts helpful in your classroom.  We had a lot of FUN making these.  Happy Valentine's Day!
Julie  <3

I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!  That is the truth!   I love seeing the little cards the kids pass out and just the whole sentiment of showing love to one another!  But I do not like giving my kids a paper lunch bag so that everything falls out of it.  So I stumbled across this craft and it is a hit! And the best part is that everything is easy for them to carry (pencils, stickers, or treat bags).

  The first craft is found at Spoonful.  I love their crafts because they are so kid friendly.  After a request for a few supplies from parents we got the gift bags at the Dollar Store for 2 for 1.00, pink and red construction paper, and a pack of card stock we were all set.  I printed the provided template out on cardstock for durability.  The kiddos were each given a bag and asked to decorate it the ay they wanted to.  Then they needed to cut out their heart shapes, eyes, hands, and feet.

Then came the construction paper where they folded it accordian style.  They received pink and red.  They could choose what color to make the arms and legs or mix them up. 

After all of the glueing and the fun this is how they turned out!   It worked out great!  And each child used their own style with their bags.  We lined them up on the back counter with their names on them to easily place Valentine's in them. 

Check back with me tomorrow to see another craft the kids made to give to their special Valentine.  A sneak peek is on the picture above.  Happy Valentine's Day!  
Just a quick note to thank you all for entering my little giveaway for my newest Alphabet packet.  Congrats to Kelly B. for winning.  Thank you all for joining and I hope you will continue to follow!  I love getting new followers. 
Stay tuned I have some Valentine's projects coming up for you to see....I hope you will like them! 
I had so much fun reading other bloggers Currently with Farley I decided to jump in again this month.  I was excited to see what she had planned for February and read what others were thinking.
  So here it is: 
A few are self explanatory but I will explain a few! :) 
Listening:  These days I am enjoying hearing laughter instead of complaining or whining! 
Pet Peeves:  It really does bother me when people who don't even know you think something about you and they don't even know you!!!  I will be the first to admit I procrastinate on certain things and I do not like that quality but when my husband (sorry honey) someone offers to do something and they take FOREVER to complete it that drives me crazy!!! 

Just a reminder my little giveaway last just a few more days!!!


This project has been long in the making.  As a kindergarten teacher I spent most of the time looking for simple morning work or something quick to send home to my kindergartners as a quick review to do with their parents at home.  After searching through hundreds   thousands of resources I finally decided it was time for me to create my own.  After the great help and generosity of Laura at MyCuteGraphics who drew me some GREAT graphics for every letter of the alphabet this project was born. 

And I thought I would pay it forward to all of my great followers.  So I am giving away my newest Pre-K/ Kindergarten Alphabet unit to one lucky follower. 

Oh and don't forget the huge sale at Teachers Pay Teachers today Feb. 3rd where you can get 20% off at my store including the discount offered by TpT. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Hi everyone!!!!  Just a quick post to let you know about the upcoming sale at Teachers Pay Teachers on Sunday, Feb. 3rd.  All of my products will be on sale 20% off including the discount offered from TpT.  I hope you will stop by.  I have a new unit I am adding to my store TheTeachingBug today or tomorrow.  Here is a sneak peek.   
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