I wanted to share with ya'll a cute craftivity we used during our Geometry unit on Translations, Reflections, and Rotations.  We had a great time making our seascape pictures that especially helped with my visual learners who need a little more help seeing how the concept of translation, rotation, and reflection worked.  Here is what we did.  

First, we printed out all of our pieces...of course my students had black and white copies to color and make their own.  This was one I created as a sample for my students to see.  Next ,we took all of the pieces and got it all set up on our construction paper.
Then , we glued down the waves and then cut the slit through the dotted line. Just fold the paper gently and make a slit.   After that, we took our Popsicle stick and taped it down to the back of the boat as shown and then glued the sail onto the boat (make sure that you glue both reflection pieces back to back so when it flips the image is seen on both sides)  .  Do not glue the boat down it needs to slide.  ;)   Finally we slid the popsicle stick through the slit so the boat could slide side to side (translation).  

Here is what it looks like so far but we are not done yet.  

 We are going to add the sun last.  Here we will need to use a brad fastener to take the sun and attach it to our paper (Note: do not glue the sun down to the paper...it needs to rotate)  We placed the brad through the sun but do not fasten it tightly leave a little wiggle room to rotate easier.
If you wanted to make the pieces more durable you could always use cardstock.  Another option we could have done is worked as partners to save paper and time and less cardstock if desired to use.  However, we made these with paper and it worked just fine.  

Once we finished up our crafts the next couple of days we practiced the skills we have learned by doing a sort in our math interactive notebooks , a mini flip book , and worked with task cards that were printed on cardstock and laminated .  I added them to my math center rotations as an informal assessment.  

 You can grab it here if you like what you see :  Click on the picture below.

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